The Southern Brothers, Book 1

Colt and Cali's Story

Cali Anthony planned her career as an architect since winning that 5th grade bridge building contest.  She's in control of her life and finances and future. No way will she repeat her mother's mistakes with men. She's careful with that heart of hers. Besides, the only guy she ever trusted cheated on her and is marrying someone else.

Colt Southern is anything but safe. He's all hard hats and biceps. A college injury forced him to abandon not only his football dream, but his education. Losing his scholarship meant dropping out of college. Only an eclectic architect can help him rebuild his life and see that he is more than just brawn. 


While Cali helps Colt redefine success, she must do the same for herself. But can they help each other truly trust and love for the first time? Or will they allow their past pain to destroy any chance at future happiness?


The Southern Brothers, Book 2

Ruger and Luna's story

Photographer Luna is addicted to the rush of adventure, hoping that exciting experiences will overshadow a loveless childhood. She also has a secret that is about to change the world around her.

Ruger's reluctance to commit is evident in the way he ignores his family and the many women in his life. After all, committing to the military didn't work out like he planned.

Luna hides behind her camera lens and a sassy mouth, but isn't beneath using both if it helps Ruger discover his heart again.


The Southern Brothers novella

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The Southern Brothers, Book 3

Ali Hubbard,

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